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Image by Geordanna Cordero


 romantic comedy 
  90 pages 


Image by Todd Diemer

Alex and Ella have been best friends for a decade. At midnight tonight, Ella sets off on her big overseas adventure. As they spend their last remaining moments together, Alex and Ella take one final walk through their past.

Image by Alexander Grey

  T H E   S T O R Y  

Alex and Ella have 12 hours before Ella takes a long-distance flight to Europe to begin her big overseas experience. Since meeting in primary school, their friendship has grown into a deep and unconditional love. However, there are other feelings buried between them; romantic feelings that neither of them have addressed.

In their final 12 hours together, they spin one last epic yarn as they traipse through the city they've grown up in. As their final hours together unfold, we revisit key moments from their past. Through a kaleidoscope of scenes we discover the complexities of the young couple. And, as their time together ticks away, we wonder what the future has in store...

SOMEWHERE sets out to achieve the conversational tone of romantic-comedy films such as: MANHATTAN, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, and BEFORE SUNRISE.

Image by Geordanna Cordero
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