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[1st Draft. 67, 000 words.]

Blue is a dogsbody for a vicious drug ring. He lives in an abandoned apartment block in the city. He was young when he was first taken in by Turner, the leader of the drug ring. His upbringing has been a string of scarring events, and he has become his brutal work. 

However, one day, by chance, Blue meets a woman whilst on a job. He strikes up a most unexpected relationship with the woman, who happens to work as a primary school teacher. Through the relationship, the woman manages to touch a place in Blue's heart that he didn't know he still owned.

As Blue begins to heal, his work catches up with him, and the woman who is saving him gets caught up in the violence.

Can Blue, wrecked by a lifetime of torture, hold onto his salvation? Or, will his final hope be ripped away from him..? 

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